Here are some tips to help you best look after your blinds:

Cleaning Tips


Blinds usually require minimum care and cleaning.


Dusting: Regular light dusting maintains a like new appearence of most blinds.


Vacuuming: Vacuum gently with the brush attachment using a vertical stroke.


Blowing: Use a hairdryer (not heated) to dust off selected window coverings. Bug can be gently blown out as well.


Spot Cleaning: Use a mild detergent with a damp micro fibre cloth and wipe it gently over the slats. Avoid applying pressure and you do not want to kink the slats.


Usefull Hint: When you need to open or close your blind always make sure that you tilt the slats in a open potition. Use your hand to guide the blind up/down or sideways to avoid unnecessary stress on the blind.